OCIMF Terminal Audits / Strategic Stock Control

A.M.C. can provide oil / product terminal audits using the latest OCIMF Baselines and are able to conduct oil terminal strategic stock and inventory control.

When our clients are considering using third party storage facilities, they need to know that a reliable, competent management system is in operation and that terminal staff are trained in the necessary skills to operate the system.

A full report and photographic journal into :-

Safety standards and historical safety issues
Technical and safety certification is current and complied with.
Environmental compliance.
The terminals occupational health and safety  (incident reporting etc)
Future objectives
Repair program#

Shore Tankage

Shore tank Capacities and stored grades – any history of overfilling.
Tank farm Fire Fighting Capability & Detection
Terminal External fire fighting assistance

Berth Operations

Marine Berth Fire Fighting Capability & Detection
Berth External fire fighting assistance
Loading / discharge rates – any issues
Loading Arms / flexible hoses
Berth Oil Spill Equipment
Berth Oil Spill Contingency
Berth Summary
Berth lighting conditions
Berth maximum / minimum drafts

Other Terminal Parameters

Oily Water collection system
Shore Quantification
Shore tank measurement
Bill of Lading determination
Independent inspectors associated with the terminal

Categorising Risks Using Colour Coding

Red – High Risk
Magenta – Medium Risk
Yellow – Low Risk