Risk Assessment

At AMC we apply our loss prevention experiences into our risk management tactics during cargo handling.
Apex Marine understands the nature of various cargo grades and their relation to transportation challenges. We use pre-emptive, preventive actions. In the event where a loss situation has already occurred, we can structure a hands-on approach for a recovery from a crisis set of circumstances, with minimum harmful effects on business or company assets.
Our tactical, positive actions, allow our customers to focus on business achievement without the anxiety of their goods being negatively affected during the transportation phase.
Our approach includes: -

  • Chronicling and scrutiny of claims history, claims activity, frequency and gravity of the known exposure variables.
  • Development of a cost effective, practical, structured risk management programme. Identification of the risk factors by type, location and product.
  • Program assessment.
  • Controlled hand-over to client management.
  • Management, observation, reporting and photographic evidence.

Evolution of the programme strengthens our knowledge base, on this foundation we nurture the risk management for the specific area concerned, which is used to monitor and manage more efficiently, future cargo risks.