Loss Investigation

Apex Marine is able to conduct post operational loss investigations. We can also investigate historic unexplained cargo losses at load/discharge ports by highlighting questionable terminal practices/procedures. AMC is entirely antonymous and wholly biased to the welfare of our clients. We exist solely to protect their transactions from any negative commercial exposure/fraud/theft and mishandling of cargoes.

Our loss control expertise has uncovered many attempts of actual cargo theft during these operations. These range from:

  • Cargo flow-back into slack, just measured tanks
  • Shortened measuring tapes for O.B.Q. measurements
  • Lengthened hand tapes for final ullaging
  • Altered electronic temperature measurement equipment
  • Ships staff attempting to increase the water volume after S.T.S.
  • Hand typed ships ullage tables.
  • Manufactured Vessels’ Experience Factors (which are often used to determine the average received / discharged cargo volumes) not being associated with the receiving vessel


Examples of AMC uncovering deliberate cargo theft can be issued upon request.