Cargo Loss Control

Apex Marine’s main strength is the ability to be pro-active in all aspects of cargo custody transfer operations. This incorporates a wide variety of crude oils, petrochemicals and hydrocarbon products.

A structured system of verifying all parameters of :

  • The vessel
  • Entire measurement criteria
  • Pipeline evaluation
  • Shore ship tank gauging
  • Sampling & analysis accuracy
  • Human performance
  • Mitigating factors
    (e.g. shore tanks with historically poor measurement results).

All the aforementioned constitute a vital part in our loss control program to prevent both physical losses, caused by dynamic events such as theft, leakage and sabotage, and paper losses caused by flawed procedures, such as measurements, sample handling, and calculation errors.

The duty of care process involves:

  • The Expeditor’s presence and pro-active involvement during cargo transfers and his stamp of authority.
  • Advising the client’s operators of any negative aspects of the operation in order to deter potential delays, demurrage or risks to the operation.
  • Identifying and supressing any unsafe actions aboard and ashore.
  • Identifying any shipside deficiencies with equipment, measuring instrumentation to establish any loading/discharging inadequacies.
  • Ensuring effective crude oil washing techniques are employed and maximising the discharged quantity from every vessel.
  • Motivating the ship's staff with a view to achieving maximum outturn quantities without unduly delaying the vessel and providing advice as required.
  • Collecting data on delays for future use in the event of a demurrage claim.
  • Making recommendations for improvements in operational techniques which may assist in minimising any possible future losses.
  • Ensuring that operations are not compromised by inexperienced personnel or biased independent inspection companies.
  • Confirming that the correct, international standard measurement and calculation methods are utilised.
  • Detecting any deliberate theft (AMC is able to issue actual cases of discovered theft during operations).
  • The ability to reduce costly delays.
  • Ensuring that all concerned parties comply with our clients working practices and HSE policies.