Apex Bunker Services

AMC has long been associated with worldwide bunker surveys on behalf of our clients.

These surveys determine the quantity/quality of fuel/diesel oils which have been transferred from the shore installation, bunker barge or rolling stock to the subject vessel, ensuring that the correct volume transfer protocols are complied with utilising international safety and measurement standards.

Bunker fuel can be sampled from the source location, in-line or from receiving vessel tanks.

If requested, metallurgy tests can be conducted on samples, together with various contamination analyses.

We service passenger liner fleets, car transporters, Ro-Ro vessels, crude/product tankers and container ships throughout Europe which require our “rapid response” service.

We also conduct shortage claims related to bunker deliveries.

Bunker Contamination

Our staff can draw representative bunker samples of fuel and diesel oils for contamination analysis from water/metals.

Bunker Investigation Examples

AMC Expeditors have witnessed many attempted thefts and cargo misappropriations aboard vessels ranging from:-

  • Additional fuel oil tanks not declared in the ships blueprint
  • Branches off the fuel oil lines to divert bunkers
  • Altered temperature measurement equipment
  • Cargo flow-back