Apex Marine Consultants Limited was established in 2002 to fulfil the needs of the cargo transportation sector by reducing commercial risks/losses and providing diversified cargo and logistics services to the domestic and international markets.

We are a global, cost effective, cargo expediting company who have served the major oil companies, trading houses and ship operators since our formation.

AMC are experts in risk management and by pro-actively controlling, by way of diligent cargo supervision during custody transfer, we are able to increase our clients’ profit margins.

We develop and implement cost-effective, individually tailored, loss control procedures. Our target is to reduce losses during cargo transportation / discharge losses / overstated Bill’s of Lading / measurement errors / pipeline losses / fraudulent cargo handling / deliberate theft / freight claims, costly delays and demurrage charges.

Our multilingual staff has extensive experience of, but not limited to:

  • Cargo expediting / oil loss control
  • Terminal safety audits
  • Ship-to-ship transfers
  • F.P.S.O. deliveries / discharges
  • Handling a wide variety of crude oil and product cargoes.

The trend for increasing product and crude oil prices is inevitable. The decision to appoint an experienced Loss Control Expeditor is key in protecting your hydrocarbon assets and thereby reduces operational risks associated with fraud, theft or incompetence when discharging or receiving these expensive commodities.

Our past successes in reducing cargo losses are testament to our dedication and commitment to providing a progressive and evolving service to our clients’ loss control requirements.